Communicate With Your
Personal Team of Angels 

Live On-Line Class 


Estelle Small


Patrick Kilhenny

You were born with guides or angels to help you with your life venture.
You have all the assistance you need for the life you came to live. 

Upcoming on-line class:

☆ Cut through myths and know how to receive right-on answers to questions you have from your inner guidance or angels. 

☆ Learn a key way to know you are connecting with the crystal clear assistance of spiritual helpers.  

☆ Expand on the four ways the angels communicate with you (clairvoyance, clariaudience, clairsentience and prophecy) and how they can assist you further on your journey. 

☆  Find out what throws people off from communicating clearly with angels and the solutions. 

☆  Practice a quick and useful technique to raise your energy and tune into your spiritual helpers.

☆  Discover three of the most important keys to experiencing clear angel communication. 

Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny lead these programs. They have been featured in major media (TV, radio, and newspapers) discussing how to have clear two-way communication with inner guidance or angels, living one's purpose, and related topics. Both Estelle and Patrick are consultants and lecturers in the US, Canada, and Europe with the Inner Peace Movement® Programs.  

Sponsored by the non-profit educational Inner Peace Movement International™  Since 1964 the Inner Peace Movement® Programs have been providing practical understanding and tools to help people connect clearly with their inner guidance and live their purpose.  

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